Together with Art Director / Animator elmer Kaan and writer Bibi Dumontak we created this character for the Dutch children program " Koekeloere", developed by the Dutch broadcaster NTR. 
In a part of this show Wolfram tells children more about a specific subject and of course with a lot of humour. Animation direction of this stopmotion animated series of more then 20 episodes was done by Peter Mansfelt. 3D stopmotion animation was done by Elmer Kaan who was also responsible for the design of the character and 2D animations. The 2D animation were done by Peter Mansfelt and Stephanie Roos. All the funny stories were written by Bibi Dumontak.
Below you will find a small making of the puppet. The puppet was made by a two person team, Paul Mathot and Anneloes van Holten. As you can see we made a durable puppet that lasted during all the episodes. 

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