PEDRI Animation 
A studio specializing in Stop frame/motion animation with a strong focus on building stopmotion animation puppets. Founders Peter Mansfelt and Paul Mathot, together with free lance specialists, work to create high quality stopmotion productions and to educate new talent.

For more than a decade Pedri Animation has been delivering animations using stopmotion techniques (pixilation, clay, cut-out, puppets) for commercials, children series, leaders, corporate productions and short films, broadcasted worldwide. Two well-known examples are the children series 'Miffy and Friends' and 'Animal Shelf.'

Pedri Animation has all the facilities and expertise to create state of the art animation puppets, sets, props and small special FX. In its own studios, Pedri Animation uses professional digital equipment and the latest computer software (compositing, paint and digital SFX), making Pedri Animation’s touchable world look more exclusive - perfect to deliver content for media platforms like (instore) tv, internet, mobile phone and game consoles.

Along with the realization of stop-motion productions, Pedri Animation started to develop and co-produce its own stopmotion productions. Some examples are the children series "Ludovic" (by Co Hoedeman - 26x11 minutes) and  George & Paul (by Ka-Chingcartoons 26x5 minutes), but also the short animation film "Under The Apple Tree"  (by Erik van Schaaik 1x18 minutes) what was awarded with a "golden calf" for best Dutch short movie in 2015.

Due to its experience with the stopmotion technique, Pedri Animation can not only be an interesting partner for the realization of stopmotion animation projects but also for co-producing series, shorts and feature films. For more information about these possibilities, please contact the producer of Pedri Animation, Paul Mathot.
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