Together with director Corriette Schoenaerts, working at production company UNIT Amsterdam, we worked on this promotional film for a new Ricoh Geljet Printer.
We had very little time to realise this animation film. Luckily for us, the director had a great good vision on how she wanted to see all elements and how to tell her story. As you can see above, the briefing we received was already complete and clear.
When we received the full briefing and had a good impression of what Corriette wanted to be animated, we could start creating an animatic. Animation director Henk Beumers realised the full animatic (actually 2D animated sequences of the film), so we had a clear starting point for creating all the sets and animation constructions. Above you can see the storyboard concerning one second animation.
Above you can see John and Anna working on the different set elements. As you can see we worked with real materials, such as foam and other sculpting materials to create the result the director expects.
When the sets and props were finished, we build up the studio. Peter Mansfelt puts the lights in the right spots. We used one light setting throughout the film, but it had to be possible to animate the lights as well for the evening in the desert scene. 
Final set dressing by Corriette and Anna. You can see that the printer is fixed in an animation construction. So the animation of the printer was actually done on set!
When all the parts of the production were finished, we could finally start with the animation. Here you see animator Paul Mathot animating the little fish that pops up in every scene. 

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