Together with creative agency Megawatt (Eindhoven) and Animation Director Elmer Kaan we took on a challenge to realise a video clip for the Dutch DJ duo Showtek. 
There wasn't much time, approximately 4 weeks, and we only had a small script to work with. To stay within budget and time we had to make use of a lot of exciting materials and we had to come up with something "different".
Luckily the Director also had good ideas about how to create multiple background sets using a television screen. We also asked help from set builders Sebastian Doermanand Jasper Kuipers and with a team of 4 people we managed to realise the clip.
Sebastian building up the walls of the sets. Due to our deadline we had to come up with a very simple and quick replaceble wall system.
Jasper building up 1 of the 4 sets. We could create more and different backgrounds with a little help of a flatscreen monitor.
The animation also was done by Elmer Kaan, it only took 5 days for all the animation (over three minutes). 

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